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Which side of the line are you on? This is the question posed by the students who made the winning entry to the “What’s Your Story” 2011 competition. This competition asks students to make short videos addressing current issues in online and mobile safety. This is a BIG question at the moment, and I have found these videos, the one linked above in particular, to be perfect jumping off points for class discussion. I brought this as my offering to the CESImeet in Tipperary last month, and what do you know, my name is first out of the hat…well at least I got my ‘spake’ in first, and was able to relax and get educated for the following 24 hours…and what an education it was!

The theme of learning spaces really permeated the CESImeet and the Conference. Lines between teacher and learner were blurred completely. We talked of many ways to use time and space to learn, and once again we blurred time and space – for me the conference weekend has extended way beyond via the #cesimeet and #ictedu conversations and sharing on Twitter. I like this blend of face to face surrounded by connections made possible by technology, and I love the joyous meetings like that Ban Ryan(@lismiss) and I had in the Anner Hotel Friday afternoon when we lliterally collided with Ira(@irasocol) and Pam(@pammoran) with a “Hey it’s THEM!!”. 

The Friday night CESImeet was as anarchic as ever, and I learned lots from being there, and even lots more from staying up past bedtime in the bar afterwards. My “check it out” list is long (I’m getting through it), and thanks to Hellie(@AnseoAMuinteoir) for my take away “teach it better” moment – her idea of guided challenges and scavenger hunts using digital cameras is fermenting actively since! It was great to be joined by lots of folk from all over the country – especially those who travelled long and hard to make it to the Friday night session. It was also good fun conversing with those following on Twitter and on Ustream (thanks Padraig @podubhaigh). And you heard it here first – if we ever get real first contact from the little green alien, guaranteed it will be via Bernie Goldbach(@topgold)…

I loved the “unkeynote” bookends to the next day, and say well done to those who took us thru it – Pam Moran, Ira Socol, Conor Galvin(@_conorgalvin) and Bernie Goldbach – and of course, she who allowed and supported it – Pamela O’Brien(@pamelaaobrien). The time given to open conversation between us all was brave and wonderful, and will in time bear fruit if each person there makes even one chink of a change in their Learning Space. Thank you to those who came along to my Edmodo expo, and thanks to those whose workshops I attended (as well as apologies to those I had to miss – too much choice alas): the cool and creative Padraig O’Dubhaigh(@podubhaigh) for a whirlwind fun tour of Google apps, the enthusiastic Helen Bullock (@AnseoAMuinteoir) for practical advice on using mobile apps in learning and the inspiring and enabling Mary Loftus(@marloft) for sharing her learning space and it’s wonders. Mary left us with a wonderful video to highlight the repurposing and multitasking…I am still smiling!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYEU91d8ngc?wmode=transparent]

I remember watching Jools Holland the night KT Tunstall came and stunned everyone with this perfomance, and have loved her for it since. Thanks for making the connection Mary 😉






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