I’ve signed up for a part-time PhD at Trinity College, Dublin. The topic is TeachMeet, the research question(s) as yet unpinned. Anything that need to be shared online will be on display, or be linked to, from here.

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Item 1: Context –  my ‘TeachMeet in 3’ podcast and memo with a brief recording of my answer to the most often asked question about TeachMeet – ‘so, what happens at a TeachMeet?”.

Item 2: Evolution of TeachMeet – the Timeline, very much a work in progress. This has been fun; it has a beginning, but the end is as yet undetermined. [Contains an invitation for the interested and the informed to send an email to me at]

( Still not ironed, but almost ready, are

Item 3: The Periodic Table of TeachMeet Elements

Item 4: Genesis – The Big Sheet of Unconferences )

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