(what IS that smell?)


How lucky to have been able to

  • set out with Sarah Neild at (don’t ask) o’clock on a leap year Monday morning to set up in the halla of Griffeen Valley Educate Together National School. Thanks to caretaker Brendan, and to CESI’s Susan Nic Réamoinn for all the preparation
  • experience the joy in the Monday morning back to school greetings in the school hallway between Príomhoide Tomás and his students and their parents
  • sit among the children and watch and listen as Tim Rylands wove his magic, conjuring the storytelling giant in each child, modelling ‘light touch’ classroom management as he went along.
  • see both Mr Walker and Mr Wheeler, not to mention the “pausing cup” being so deftly used by Tim as he rolled along
  • never actually find out the answer to “what IS that smell?”, and not minding!

How lucky.

The pictures taken by Hassan Dabbagh captured the mood really well.






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