#tmScratchBDX en route

The last TeachMeet at a Scratch Conference was a cracker, curated and MC’d by the inimitable Drew Buddie in Der Waag building as part of the unconference for #Scratch2015AMD. Following on the warm reception TeachMeet got from Scratch conference goers, there will be a second TeachMeet Scratch as part of the Bordeaux unconference in July.


This time the venue is as lovely – the Marché Des Douves is a converted market hall, used by the community for social and educational events.

TeachMeet is an open, free, informal and social event, organised by volunteers who wish to share ideas with each other. To get a feel for what goes on, have a look and a listen here.

If you are going to the Scratch Conference in Bordeaux this July, do not miss the TeachMeet – see you there.







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