#TeachMeets, Groovy work, and building the best school in the world

Thanks to Hassan Dabbagh (and John Heffernan, though you won’t hear him!) for inviting me and Ewan McIntosh to the CESI Staffroom podcast to talk about TeachMeet past present and future, and to hear the latest innovative project Ewan and Notosh are involved in. [tldr? sneak preview of project here]

Even though I was part of the conversation, it was only when I listened back that I heard it properly and appreciated the development TeachMeet discussed, from the DNA of Open Space Technology, BarCamp to the evolution of many unconference formats for teachers – TeachMeet, BrewEd, Gasta, Pedagoo…

I will highlight just one key observation here – a comment that Ewan made about the very beginning when he, John Johnston and David Noble has the conversation (in 2005 at the pre-Scottish Learning Festival callled SETT) that led to it all kicking off:

“the keynotes that were there that year at the festival were fantastic. But they were talking about stuff in the future tense that we’d been doing in the previous week with our classes”

The desire to sit, relax together, and discuss what “we‘d been doing in the previous week with our classes” is what led to TeachMeet; for many of those who have contributed to the research I have been doing, that still holds true today.

To make your own mind up, you will have to listen in … podcast is here

If listening is not your thing, the transcript – any errors are mine – is here:

ps – I have to say the last thing I ever expected to listen to on Spotify was myself 😉

a screenshot of a black and green web page showing the nedia player Spotify is open at an audio file called TeachMeets, Groovy ...

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