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I wrote  and posted a thread of Twitter posts this evening but didn’t stitch them together carefully enough so got a gap between no. 4 and no. 5. I am clearly better with embroidery thread than with digital thread. But I do enjoy darning, so here is the thread as it should read …

Good threads of conversation on here recently, prompted by reactions to a conference hosted at St Columba’s College by the generous @humpreyjones and @sccEnglish and attended by over 300 teachers. Focussed by title on research in education, with a vibrant program … 01/16
… have jogged some thoughts here. I wasn’t there, but the program looked great, some fabulous presentations listed that I’d love to have attended. My disquiet is about the way this franchise suggests it is somehow all shiny and new.
It is not new in Ireland  … 02/16
… From my perspective and experience we have been, and continue to be, busying ourselves  weaving sound research through primary and secondary classroom practice for quite some time – here is a list of some examples that jumped to my mind (to be sure there are many more) … 03/16
… A superb day long seminar / workshop on AfL led by Dylan Wiliam TEN YEARS AGO attended by over 200 teachers, ( organised by the Science section SLSS, predecessor of the current @PDSTie ) and funded by @SFI and  … 04/16
… Many day conference / workshops with legendary David Johnson and Roger Johnson over a three year period in which hundreds of teachers were introduced to the practice of Cooperative Learning (many of whom have gone on to study for a Masters degree in the area) … 05/16 
… A week-long summer course in Peer Mediation for primary teachers offered at Education Centres (the particular one I refer to was in Enniscorthy, and I know the positive behaviour management and negotiation skills we learned are still informing practice in schools)  … 06/16 
… At least 2 #EdCamps I know of organised in Norn Ireland – the one I attended was superb, offering a day long programme of presentations and workshops by teachers for teachers (think of a #teachmeet with more time for depth of treatment of each topic… 07/16
cc @bcripps078
… for some time now there has been really vibrant classroom action research by educators of all levels being shared via the @infoneari network curated online by @marygtroche and @mairinglenn see … 08/16
… all of the @bridge21learn professional development taken by teachers (mostly in Dublin schools) is both research driven and is itself driving research, see … 09/16
cc @kevinsullivan79 @ciaranbauer @jakerowanbyrne @lawlorgr
… everything I know of developed by the @ncca in the past decade has been research informed and developed in cooperation with classroom teachers and students across the country … 10/16
cc @tonyrileynz @snicreamoinn @fboss @MajellaDempsey @annelooney
… the annual education conference that has been curated by @pamelaaobrien at the Thurles campus of @LimerickIT brings the most research informed keynotes, who remain in ongoing contact with attendees; recently the most notable @irasocol and @pammoran of @TimelessLrng … 11/16
… *all* the Meets – [of course I declare a bias towards] the #teachmeets but there is also ResearchMeet hosted by @TeachingCouncil @Feilte as well as @MathsMeetIE…12/16
cc @teachmeetIRL @teachmeetsouth @makermeetIE @Dek0h @mrNeilButler @saorog
…the range of top notch science education researchers introduced to practitioners at subject association AGMs eg @irishsciteach over the years would fill a book; thinking of a memorable AfL workshop with Chris Harrison which had effect in classrooms …13/16
cc @@chrisharriKings
… other subject association AGMs are packed with workshops that offer teachers the latest thinking in research, as I found out when working with @RichardMillwood addressing 200+ ART teachers in the National Gallery a couple of years ago …14/16
…and last but not least in my world has been – the @cesitweets that has (being an unusual mix of computer education enthusiasts from all levels and sectors) been a research-informed community of practice for 45 years …15/16
cc @_conorgalvin @donenda @eoldham @jhegarty
… So: it is all good, it is all welcome, but is is not all new, and one way may not necessarily be superior to another. Keep on sharing, keep on discussing, keep on researching, keep on practicing, keep on keeping’ on … 16/16
Art teachers AGM in the National Galllery of Ireland 2017
Art teachers AGM in the National Galllery of Ireland 2017






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