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The Next Generation: Digital Learning Symposium at DC last Tuesday had a rather complicated and unwieldy title, but it unfolded into something simple and useful – a day for ‘scholarly professionals’ to show and share what they care about. The day had a good mix of round table and panel-led discussions, breakouts for shorter presentations, and provocative keynotes. (Programme details here).

The afternoon included a Rapid Fire expo, complete with Wheel of Fortune, for those currently researching for a doctorate. This had something for everyone – speed, variety, questions, almost-formed answers, pleas for help, and a huge helping of passion. Props to Enda, Tom and Naoinh for keeping it all on track, Ant and Dec style. I definitely appreciated this TeachMeet style, as it did some of my topic explanation for me, Blue Peter style. It was my third time to shout this “if Teachmeet is the answer, then what is the question?” out. (First was AUCIe 2016; Report on the second, SCoTENS, still to come). Each time, good helpful answers, as well as offers of support, information, and links to more of the same, are being generously shared. All of this is helping towards sharpening the research focus. When the sharing is offered by people who care, it is precious stuff. Thanks to each of you.

I think my favourite moment of delight was sitting with Keith Johnston at the very second when Prof Grainne Conole flashed to a keynote slide holding an image of (the absent) Richard Millwood’s Learning Theory map. G’wan, our team!!  (For the curious, that reference is to Foireann MKR – Mags, Keith, Richard). For the even more curious, the Rapid Fire slides I used are here as pdf ndls-dcu-amond, or here as google slides.







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