My 100 Irish ‘EduTwitter’ers, 2009-2019

Over at UKEDCHAT they published a list of 100 “Edutwitter”ers to follow in the UK, and another list for international Edutwitter. This prompted a response with a list of 100 for Scottish Edutwitter. So I wondered who would be on my Irish Edutwitter 100? I started to jot down – it didn’t take long – then double checked with my list from the last ten years; and sorted them A-Z. This would not be a bad “starter pack”. I know others in Ireland have made some lists before this; maybe it is time someone with skills and energy collated the lot together. [ So here’s a challenge to teacher trainers and pre-service academics – sorting a properly curated and hyperlinked Irish Edutwitter directory would make a stonkin’ student project – g’wan someone, do it! ].
Thank you to each these 100 Irish Edutweeters each of whom has taught me something via Twitter, made me smile or in some way has enriched the ten years I have been in twitterland. There are more of course but 100 was the challenge this time. they come from every sphere of Irish education.  I’m keeping one special extra spot for Bianca Ní Ghrógáin RIP who tweets no more but who’s influence on anyone who followed her as @bnighrogain or @groganbee was profound; her gifts to me are beyond measure.

The @magsamond Irish Edutwitter 100, 2009-2019, A-Z:
@7mjb @_conorgalvin @ailbheforde @aliegan @amandasalt
@annemmcm @aoibhinn_ni_s @arickard @ashdonohoe @avril_ronan
@boyle_thomas @caramcdermott @catherinecronin @cfoxcavan
@chrisreina @ciarnac @claireoconnell @clareire @conpower
@corneliathinks @cosmiccork @daithi @dek0h @domaho
@donenda @e3neenan @eadso7 @eam0 @eibhlin71 @evelynoconnor
@fboss @ffarry1 @foleykev @franktullamore @friedacrehan
@hassandabbagh @he4therw4t5on @hellbullock @hey_km @humphreyjones
@irishsenteacher @iseultmangan @istone_irene @jacdee73 @jakerowanbyrne
@jamescorbett @jhegarty @johnmayo @johndhodonoghue @juliedepaor @julieuichois
@kateingalway @katrionaos @katzb21@kevinsullivan79 @languagesdude @laoireO
@leanneedu @leonaforde1 @levdavidovic @linehanbm @lismiss @m2thefizzle
@maggiemgreen @mairinglenn @majelladempsey @marloft @marygtroche
@mccarthyduncan @medv2 @miriambergin @mrdannymurray @mrmalcontent
@mrneilbutler @nl_84 @noeleenleahy @orna_farrell @pajo23
@pamelaaobrien @pamelalamela @patjburke @paud_ie @paul_knox1985
@podubhaigh @primedteacher @richardmillwood @sandrinepk @saorog
@seanictmayo@seaoneill @seomraranga @simonmlewis @sjayc @snicreamoinn
@speediecelt @susancmccarthy @tomfarrelly @tonyrileynz @topgold @toruairc …

ps – twitter, edutwitter, tweet, twittersphere, twitterati, etc – what a totally ridiculous language is used in social media.

pps – if you spot a mistake, don’t be polite, ping me to fix it.

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