Megadojo on the double, Dec 2nd

Eugene McDonough of Codedojo Ireland had a brainwave a few years ago – why not get 1024 kids coding together, and call it Megadojo? So he did, and it has become an annual event in Limerick Institute of Technology. Never one to stop and rest, Eugene’s new brainwave is to have Coderdojo Ireland host TWO instances of Megadojo running at the same time, one on either side of the country.  Why not? So, on Saturday December 2nd, there will be one Megadojo in LIT, and another Megadojo in Maynooth University. Do the sums – that will be 2048 kids coding at the same time in Ireland.

Everyone is welcome to attend and partake, entry is free, but it is necessary to register and choose workshops in advance. Volunteers are needed, visit the website and add your details:

The support of sponsors are always welcome – if your business can help out with support, check it out here.

Coderdojo Ireland thanks Maynooth University, Limerick Institute of Technology, and Bank of Ireland for the invaluable support they have given to this venture.

Many thanks to the volunteers, mentors, organisers, and all helpers who are busy preparing to making Megadojo happen – on the double – on December 2nd.

Follow the fun at @megadojoIE on Twitter.

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One response to “Megadojo on the double, Dec 2nd”

  1. Eugene McDonough Avatar

    Hi Mags,
    I have to give Barry the credit for this one and it was after I had attended a fantastic MegaDojo in Belgium. What we have done differently is turn it into an annual event 🙂


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