#MathsMeetIE off the mark…

mathmeetie-logoThe idea of a TeachMeet*/MakerMeet just for Maths teachers was a hot topic of conversation at last April in Thurles – there was so much fun had trying out the Fold and Cut Theorem (inspired by the Katie Steckles YouTube version) at the #ictedu Maker Meet that it was bound to happen.

And so now, thanks to the generous support of the authorities in LIT, Pam O’Brien is adding to her already busy ‘meet’ portfolio by hosting #MathMeetIE, along with Neil Butler agus mise.

MathsMeetIE open to all educators who have maths as a topic or an interest – either come along and get some ideas, or better again, share some of your own! The MathsMeetIE Eventbrite page is where to sign up – entry is free but you need to be registered. And it is an timely way to get kick started into a week beginning with Megadojo in Limerick on Oct 15, Maths Week and CodeWeekEU nationwide from Oct 15-23rd, and ending with Dojocon 2016 in Dun Laoghaire the weekend of Oct 22-24

The program builds as people sign up to present, but we can release one nugget – there will DEFINITELY be a session of BreakoutEDU, in which attendees can take a team code breaking challenge, unlocking some pretty engaging ideas for their classroom in the process. (There are some more details on BreakoutEDU in the previous post). Watch the #MathsMeetIE twitter timeline for updates.

Please pass this message to all your Maths friends, be they reluctant or unashamed nerds – all are welcome!

mathmeetie-flyerHere’s a mini MathsMeetIE-flyer to print and display on a noticeboard near you!

*according to the data at the Irish TeachMeets wiki, this will be the 70th Teachmeet in Ireland since it was introduced in Feb 2009!







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