#kidsmeet in Griffeen Valley

Thanks to Susan Nic Reamoinn, and the students formerly of @rangbianca, for the invitation to visit their first KidsMeet sessions on Wednesday morning. These two KidsMeets were organised, hosted and presented by students for their fellows in the 4th, 5th, and 6th classes across the school. The entire morning was modelled on a classic TeachMeet, with random name picker, nano presentations about personal passions, and interval activities and challenges. Proceedings were led very adeptly by students Bence and Rory. “Presenter Bingo” proved very popular, though we teachers felt like ‘auld wans’ when we found ourselves explaining what a Full House meant (waaggh).

The student presentations were a treat – each volunteer came forward with their story, most of them spoke of their passion or interest. We had Irish dancing, gymnastics, art, how to You Tube, basketball, all sorts.One student showed us a sample of the book he loves to make for others – it was stunning. Dylan reminded us of how he’d been encouraged by Bianca to make blog posts of the science he was leaning – to hear someone so young describe his own development as a learner was a rare treat. The overall variety of subjects and ideas was as good as at any adult TM I’ve experienced to date. The confidence and skills of the student organising team was arresting. I felt really privileged to be there.

And then, at the point when grown up TM organisers would be collapsing in a heap at the end of the session – they tidied up and did it all again with another group!

(And as if that wasn’t enough for one morning, over in the other halla, there was a Maker Faire taking place, as it was school tech week).

For a flavour of what happened, look at #kidsmeet

Go Griffeen Valley Educate Together National School, Lucan.

Clockwise from top left: Om with a sample of the bespoke gift books he makes; “presenter bingo” card; paper tower challenge x 2; reminders of Bianca’s t-shirts; more paper tower excitement.









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