If the Internet went on Fire…

I often ask this question at TeachMeets – if the internet went on fire, what one resource would you save. As a full time science teacher, my own answer used to be PhET – especially the Circuit Construction Kit. Some of my physics disapprove strongly, but over the past few years it has helped me more than almost anything to get the germ of an idea, of what’s going on in an elctric circuit, planted more clearly into students’ minds.

Have a go (and please don’t tell me if set the dog on fire).

Circuit Construction Kit (DC Only)

Click to Run






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  1. physicsteacher Avatar

    I reckon it’s my favourite too. And I wouldn’t worry about the experts. They’ll probably never agree among themselves anyway. I’d go so far as to say students learn more about electric circuits from that pHet animations than they do from the jungle of wires they assemble during the practical work. But they still need to get their hands dirty with the wires, bulbs etc.
    I also use the energy-bulb (haven’t seen the squeaky chicken version) – from First year to Sixth year. And Open Days.
    Electricity is probably the hardest topic for a non-physics specialist to teach, so all feedback is important in both directions.
    Thanks Mags.

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