Galway 79 Grads reunion – Speedie did it again!

Speedie you did it again!

Brendan “Speedie” Smith got us all to take to the roads in this wet and windy November to assemble in the D’Arcy Thompson theatre in UCG. The afternoon began with a riveting lecture from the forever wonderful Prof Hubert McDermott. Today he treated us to a beautiful take on James Joyce’s The Dead, unwrapping the layers within it, and highlighting the Galway connections with humour as ever. He played a clip for us – how wonderful was Donal McCann eh? (Was still thinking about the whole story when stuck in traffic at the Bodkin roundabout on the way home). Have to go read the story now.

I had to leave early, but I think about now everyone has finished their meal, and the music (Seisiún Mór, The Fuse, Disco with the Big G) should be starting. It was great to see Emer Walsh, Una Tierney, Eleanor Geoghegan, Kathlyn Hennelly, Una Byrne, Fergal Hassett, Liam Breathnach, Gerry Sexton and everyone there – sorry Eugene Scanlan, will have to catch you online!!

Thanks Speedie – as ever you are a Force of Good Nature!!






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