Edcanvas from the Clayton CESImeet

At Friday night’s CESImeet in the Clayton Hotel, Damien Quinn of @seomraranga fame introduced us to Edcanvas, so I decided to try it out to collate the various presentations and links that were shared during the meeting. Here goes…

Mmmm…well it is a bit lopsided on this page, but it does work. Weird lookin at a YouTube video within a Canvas within a blog post, bit like a hall of mirrors.

Question 1 – I wonder how gracefully it will transfer when I pluck up the courage to migrate this whole vehicle to WP before April 30th (Boo Posterous!)

Question to self and to Edcanvas – I wonder will this version update as I update the canvas, which is still a work in progress? Will have to wait and see. Have to say, so far it is quick and clean to use and I love it.






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