#dojocon 2016 in Dun Laoghaire celebrates Coderdojo, and closes out #codeEU week in Ireland

Thanks to Sandra Maguire and her team for a year of prep work leading to this year’s Dojocon in Dun Laoghaire. It was a pretty fantastic way to close out EU Code Week in Ireland. The venue  – the Marine Hotel – was lovely, as were both the weather, and the people who attended.

Some special moments for me…
1. Sandra invited two of Bianca Ni Ghrógáin’s former students, Sinéad and Dylan, (who are now in second level education) to speak, in her memory, of the positive effect she had on their thinking and their confidence.
2. The delight of sitting in a circle “my” workshop with mentors from all over the world, discussion ways to engage young minds with some hands-on action (concrete operational in ‘old money’, thank you for that timely reminder, Richard Millwood) – and working again with Amy Lombard as my ‘assistant’, the type of assistant who knows what you’re thinking before you do. Awesome.

3. Queueing for, and scoffing, a very large highly decorated ice cream cone at lunchtime, thanks to the arrival of the van from Teddy’s! 3. The chance meeting for coffee to catch up with the great Maria Mernagh, or Summer Buzz as we call her!
4. Watching the joy in Rcahrd, Pam, Amy, and Cara absorbed in the arduno/origami workshop.

Dojocon always brings out all that is best in the CoderDojoCavan community – thanks, Sandra and team, you are all rockstars.
(No pressure, Warrington 2017 team!)








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