break stuff, make stuff, learn stuff

Make stuff, break stuff, learn stuff.

That’s what our host Hassan Dabbagh said in his welcome to the 2016 #MakerMeet at #ictedu on April 22nd. And so that is what we did.

We made glowie critters with LEDs and 3v batteries, old corks, and most of the contents of a Mr Price store!

We made more monster crayon drawings, inspired by Mary Jo Bell and student Emily’s description of her monster.

We made one-cut shapes, led by Pam O’Brien –  inspired by Katie Steckles online

We made Ojos de Dios using wooden skewers and wool.

We made foam rockets and flew them across the auditorium. (We almost beheaded one conference Keynote, which would have been most unfortunate. Luckily the rocket was diverted in time.)

We made a lot of noise and a lot of mess.

We made new friends. We made each other laugh.

We made very little use of the chairs in the room, but plenty use of the tables and floors.

We made Vines and AudioBooms of our adventures.

We made plans for more break/make/learn activities together.

We made a welcoming party of critters attendees to Saturday’s #ictedu conference.

We made a Chirpstory of the #makermeet twitter timeline – well worth a look.

We made short work of the gorgeous food back in the Anner Hotel afterwards.







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