06/06. Tweet B. #bnighrogain


06/06. Tweet B. #bnighrogain

Bianca loved Twitter. She used it with her students, friends, teaching colleagues, in social campaigning among her own and the wider tribe. Bianca truly was the banlaoch that Mary Loftus named her, whose battle calls for diversity, inclusion and equality were very often made on Twitter. The @bnighrogain timeline (evolved from the original @groganbee one), was – and still is –  a mine of shiny diamonds for other teachers. (Her last tweet was to share one of her much loved resources, Jing, with other teachers in one of the worldwide EdChats that she enjoyed so much.)
Ken Whelan, B’s co-mentor in Coderdojo Lucan, tweeted a brainwave earlier in the year…


Ergo, for reasons already outlined by Hassan Dabbagh here, we are inviting tweets to @bnighrogain on Monday June 6th. Tweet a thought, an idea, a question, a thank you inspired by Bianca. Have a chat with someone about B. Do something daft. To share with others doing the same, use the hashtags #bnighrogain #edchatie.

For a reminder, or to conjure a smile…
Rang Bianca I – the original class blog with her students at Griffeen Valley Eduacte Together National School
Rang Bianca II – or ‘Rang Bianca Nua’.
Inside Ed Podcast – Sean Delaney’s interview with Bianca at #cesicon 2015
CESI – the Bianca page
Silicon Republic – Bianca obituary

Hakuna Matata.






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