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  • Inverness veritas … #OER23

    Thanks to Maren Deepwell and her team for a wonderful OER23 gathering in Inverness April 5th&6th, organised in as deft and human a manner as I have ever experienced at a conference.

  • #tmBETT23 :: unconference best-in-show

    The best thing about #tmBETT any given year is that some of the loveliest people I know may be there – my only regret is not getting to chat with half of those present, that I could see across the room but couldn’t reach in the time and space available

  • #TeachMeets, Groovy work, and building the best school in the world

    Thanks to Hassan Dabbagh (and John Heffernan, though you won’t hear him!) for inviting me and Ewan McIntosh to the CESI Staffroom podcast to talk about TeachMeet past present and future, and to hear the latest innovative project Ewan and Notosh are involved in. [tldr? sneak preview of project here] Even though I was part […]

  • Sustaining & (Re)Building

    And so in-person conferences begin again – the past two weekends saw the return of two annual fixtures, ICT in Education in the Thurles campus of TUS, and the PG Student Research Conference in the School of Education in TCD.

  • Two TeachMeets, One TeachEat. #BETT2022

    BETT was a tentative affair this year – a last minute decision back to the Excel in person for a flying visit (less than 24 hours away from home – a speedy round bus-plane-walk-plane-bus return trip from Cavan Ireland to London City). Becuse the Saturday of BETT is no more, both TeachMeets were on the […]

  • Conference, Unconference, Online, Offline – The Chat Is Where It’s At!

    image: Twitter pic by Gill Berry @fahyberry, showing particpants at an unconference in Cong, Ireland, Nov 2021 Conferencing and unconferencing online is the only way at the moment, and I have been reminded severals times recently of how critical ‘the chat’ space is to both the formal and informal aspects of the events. I first […]

  • Congregation 2021 – if you see the need, take the lead

    Every year, in November, CongregationTM is hosted by Eoin Kennedy in Cong, in County Mayo, in Ireland.It is an unconference. There is a theme. The cost of a ticket to take part is writing a blog post on that theme.On the day of the event, participants are randomly assigned to huddles of about eight people […]

  • 🧵trying out a thread🧵

    Instead of a direct blog post, I tried out a Twitter thread to point out some great features at Snap!Con last week. It took no less time to check links and do Alt-Txt for images, but might allow people to pick and mix what they want to read or reply to in a shorter time. […]

  • 🧂a seasoned pracademic conversation🧂

    It was a delight to be part of Dr Shelli Ann Garland’s podcast series A Dash of SaLT. Shelli is someone I admire, regard, and love. We met when we both began PhD study in the School of Education, Trinity College, Dublin. Shelli was on the fast track full-time, I am still meandering the slow […]

  • #TMBETT21 – swapping formats, swapping stories

    [5 minute listen, ums & ahs, mistakes and all] The last weekend in January is usually a visit to the east end of London, alternating time at the BETT expo with adventures and down time with friends. The highlight of BETT over recent years has been the TeachMeet evenings – a chance to catch up […]