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I finally moved house from Posterous to WordPress. I love WP and have always been happy to use it. What had attracted me to Posterous was the offer of posting via email – it was a treat to type, attach and send without having to log in. I hummed and hawed and delayed for the past three weeks before moving everything here, despite assurances from others that it was painless. Posterous has been getting flakier and flakier this week (Booo!), so finally blocked out everything else, shelved all excuses, and tackled the migration today. After one false start (I imported and earlier incomplete backup by mistake) it finally all fell into place a few moments ago. Phew!!

Now it looks like what is is – I have just moved to a new house, all the boxes have been dumped in the hallways and on the floor, I think I have almost everything but I won’t be sure until I sort it all and put a ‘smacht’ on it. That will be my rainy day task for the next while.

Thanks WordPress for making the migration easy.

Next two problems – remember how to reconnect with ITB (Irish Teacher Blogs), and what to do for RSS feeds now that Google Reader is being put to pasture…all easy-to-implement suggestions welcome…


…or so the song says. Last Tuesday, March 5th, on a beautifully clear day at the RDS in Dublin it really was true. The future was visibly taking shape, and it looked good.

 The Eircom Junior Spider Awards were taking place. It was great fun. The shortlisted schools and prizewinners are listed here.  Megan, our school’s Student Editor blogged from the awards here

What was lovely about the day was the atmosphere – even though / especially because the music was very very loud and there was total mayhem when the DJ called out the student spot prize challenges. The students represented school from infants up to Leaving Cert / A-Level from every corner of Ireland – early morning Tweets were exchanged from buses  and pit stops en route (hello @ffarry1 and @noeleenleahy!). Stalls were laid out with posters, product samples, laptops and tablets showcasing their collective and individual works via websites, blog and apps of every shape, size and subject.
I attended with my Loreto Cavan students Megan and Hannah, and teaching colleague Michelle Kelly – we were all delighted to be there, learned a lot and made some plans for the future. It was great for the students to mix with and ‘borrow’ ideas from peers in other schools, and for us teachers it was a chance to play catch up with far flung colleagues we usually meet online.
What really made an impression was the large number of small participants! The adults and teenagers were both mesmerised by the confidence, charm and creativity of these youngsters. If they are a measure of who will be in charge of the future, and how they will run it, we need not worry…
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