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  • Talking Tech on the Tyne – CESI visits #talkonthetyne & #techonthetyne

    [crossposting sections of this as a CESI Digiteach blog post] It was my pleasure to represent CESI in Newcastle UK on June 8th and 9th for Martin Bailey’s inspiring conference Tech on the Tyne and unconference teachmeet Talk on the Tyne. Martin chooses his venues with care and imagination – the teachmeet was in a […]

  • ‘oh Brother, where art thou? – at the @coolestprojects turtlestitch atelier in Dublin, Ireland

    ‘oh Brother, where art thou? – at the @coolestprojects turtlestitch atelier in Dublin, Ireland. Richard Millwood, Visiting Fellow at CRITE in TCD, founding member of the Computational Thinking 4 Life ( group, and current coordinator of the CESI Computer Science community of practice was one of the busiest humans at Coolest Projects on Saturday May […]

  • #picademy projects – conjuring cooperative learning in computer science class

    Although it’s way over a calendar month ago, I’ve been thinking about #picademy Dublin a lot since those two days, April 23 & 24, in the Science Gallery Dublin. James Robinson and his team did a tremendous pre setup for the thirty who took part in Raspberry Pi educator training.   It was a vibrant mix […]

  • Winer’s Fundamental Law of Conventional Conferences

    Fundamental Law of Conventional Conferences. Dave Winer. 2006. The sum of the expertise of the people in the audience is greater than the sum of expertise of the people on stage. I was introduced to this idea when reading a 2008* blog post by Ian Usher. *I didn’t read it in 2008, though I wish I had […]

  • snowbound catch up ‘thank you’ time

    Rainy Snowy days are meant to be used for catching up – and they don’t come much snowier in Ireland than today. So snowy that our annual CESI Conference – to which many of us had been looking forward eagerly – has been cancelled postponed. [Among other diversions, some simpleminded intrepid CESI folk have been […]

  • Double click – knitting a literature review

    Writing a literature review. Struggling. Thinking it is a lot like (but more difficult than) the knitting used between paragraphs for procrastinating, postponing, pondering. Having gathered the materials, the tools, the pattern, all made by others, waiting for the knitter to apply the twist of their craft knowledge and ideas, putting it together in a […]

  • #BETT2018 – Three billboards, Two #teachmeets, One fellowship and #NoStormtroopers

    #BETT2018 – Three billboards, Two #teachmeets, One fellowship and No Stormtroopers The annual BETT Ed Tech conference is about much much more than Tech or even education. It’s like an annual pilgrimage (too noisy to qualify as a retreat) with friends – the distances walked in the ExCel Centre and in the city qualify it […]

  • So what good is Scratch, you ask? A perfect pitch 3 minute answer from @bromagosa

    So is Scratch *real* programming, you ask, or have been asked? The next time someone raises a dismissive or patronising eyebrow when you say you are using Scratch (or Snap! or such like) with students, or announces wearily ‘oh we’ve done Scratch’ as if that was the end of that, here’s a three minute video […]

  • Trailer failure. (It’s hard to be what you cannot see)

    I loved Star Wars The Last Jedi, which I saw recently in the cinema with my granddaughter, who is now a fan. The Porgs were a hit with her, and for me it was a real thrill to see the stone structures of Skellig Michael, one of my favourite places ever to have stood, given […]

  • @megadojoIE is a go go @gomaynooth

    Megadojo-a-go-go at Maynooth It was great to have Megadojo “on the double” this year. It has been hosted in Limerick IT for a few years now, so we at Coderdojo Ireland were delighted when the Computer Department of Maynooth University offered to host a second event in the east of the country, with support from […]

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