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  • repairing a dropped Twitter thread…

    I wrote  and posted a thread of Twitter posts this evening but didn’t stitch them together carefully enough so got a gap between no. 4 and no. 5. I am clearly better with embroidery thread than with digital thread. But I do enjoy darning, so here is the thread as it should read … Good threads […]

  • Owed to some unconference heroes

    MappingUnconferencesA3 … this post is only about four months late (the thought-to-action time lag is getting greater all the time). I’ve wanted to thank Tom Farrelly since late May for curating a Gasta session at #edconTCD on May 18th, and it struck me that there were so many other role models of the unconference world to whom […]

  • Total Turtle Trips 1, 2, 3

    My knowledge of the geography of some English cities improved greatly this summer … Turtle trip 1 – Curry On in London It was a real treat to be present at the keynote by Cynthia Solomon at the Curry On conference in London, and watch her tell the Logo story, from its origins and through […]

  • ScratchEdMeetup Cambridge UK

    The first session of the recent Scratch Europe Conference in Churchill College, Cambridge (UK) was a ScratchEdMeetup hosted Richard Millwood and Mags Amond of the Ireland chapter. It was an indoor-outdoor affair with participants from many countries. It was a bit meta, as much about introducing the ScratchEdMeetup format itself as it was about discussing Scratch; […]

  • three turtles a-stitching @DublinMaker

    … cross posting as a “meet the makers” profile blog post written by invitation from Laura Tobin of Dublin Maker … On Saturday July 20th, Richard Millwood is hosting a TurtleStitch booth at Dublin Maker. He will be ably assisted by John Hegarty and Mags Amond. All three are active members of CESI. TurtleStitch, the […]

  • Discovery recovery

    Only a week late writing this – took a while to recover from a great day at Lough Boora Discovery Park on June 8th. I never knew it was there, it is quite the hidden treasure. Anyway, this is how the story goes … Vanessa Greene sent a direct order suggestion/question out to her mob […]

  • February and March – gone but not forgotten

    Look up at the calendar, and there are February and March both flown past, and here it is two hours to midnight. Better get this done before the computer turns into a pumpkin. Apart from one manic week at the end of Feb into March, it has been mostly an at-home or in-the-library time, reading, […]

  • #BETT2019 in Four Stages

    This time last week my head was full of the many positive takeaways of the (now an annual highlight of winter) trip to the BETT show in the east end of London. It actually takes a full week for the city / exhibition hall induced tinnitus to subside. Visiting the BETT Show itself is like […]

  • My 100 Irish ‘EduTwitter’ers, 2009-2019

    Over at UKEDCHAT they published a list of 100 “Edutwitter”ers to follow in the UK, and another list for international Edutwitter. This prompted a response with a list of 100 for Scottish Edutwitter. So I wondered who would be on my Irish Edutwitter 100? I started to jot down – it didn’t take long – […]

  • Timeless Learning with @irasocol @pammoran @csratliff

    timelesslearning-reaction audio wav version: I have been looking forward to reading Timeless Learning since the recent announcement of its release. The book, a beautifully produced hardback, arrived during the timeless winter holiday recess, so there was nothing in its way, or mine. (Disclosure: I ordered with the teeny edge of anxiety that comes when you […]

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