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  • @BettFest TeachMeet International 2021

    Tonight me and the knitting that currently keeps me company during distanced meets are attending TeachMeet International at #BettFest – the first of two TeachMeets at this first online version of the BETT Show (there will be more about the second one in the next post). Teachers from all over Europe are sharing their practice, […]

  • Society 3.0 @CongRegation13

    Next Saturday is a stay at home version of one of the best gatherings of the year, CongRegation. Third weekend of November, Cong, Co. Mayo, Ireland. This is the brainchild of Eoin Kennedy, an unconference where conversations are shared in ‘huddles’, people swap perspectives over the day, and there is a variety of social beforemath […]

  • Pieu Pieu – the conducting circuit chicken

    The Story So Far Ten years ago, I went to the annual conference of the ASE in the UK. One of the workshops I attended was by a Swedish teacher, Hans Perrson. He did a demonstration in which the population of the room became a connected electric circuit, using a cute toy, a fluffy chicken […]

  • Chat windows and The Law of Two Feet – desire lines forming in unconference spaces

    Thoughts this week are very much focussed on an aspect of the sudden pivot to online in education – in the move from face-to-face into screen-to-screen what would happen to the valued elements of unconference events – the interstitial chats, The Law Of Two Feet? Those conversations that happens before, after, in-between (or even during, […]

  • long march ‘towards the space of sharing’

    March was an unpredictable month, when it was never clear what might happen. [Tracy Chevalier, Girl With A Pearl Earring] March 1st >>> Driving home after the annual recharge that is the CESI conference weekend. Skin on hands raw and sore from the industrial strength hand sanitisers in The Sheraton Hotel and Athlone Institute of […]

  • TeachMeet 10 – tales of impact

    Summary analysis of participant reports of impact made by TeachMeet in their lives 2006-2016

  • #femedtechquilt

    My eye caught a recent call from #femedtech for contributions to a Quilt of Care and Justice to be put together and displayed in April at OER20 I made a decision to stitch a square at home; and as it happened an opportunity arose during a special workshop to stitch another. Both have been dispatched to […]

  • CongRegation 2019 – community concerns

    Definition of community ( 1: a unified body of individuals: such as a: the people with common interests living in a particular area … b: a group of people with a common characteristic or interest living together … c: a body of persons of common and especially professional interests … d: a body of persons or nations having a common history […]

  • rules of engagement – ethics on my mind

    I’ve had ethics on the brain for a while – building and submitting the ethics submission for my PhD research has been done and delivered. Awaiting approval is providing a short period of slacking off relative calm and a chance to catch up with the real world. So when on November 12 I read a […]

  • reflections – fómhair, autumn

    It is a busy time, turning 60 – that happened on October 17th, and probably will continue as an excuse to celebrate for a whole year! Lots of cake and cards and gifts, and special times with friends and family – lots to be thankful for. In the learning world, lots of people to be […]

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