Month: August 2018

  • Irish #TeachMeet wiki moves house

    Earlier in the year a message was sent to Wikispaces users that they would be closing down. Now if you look for the original Irish TeachMeet wiki, set up almost a decade ago, this is what you are greeted with… In order to keep as much information safely intact as possible, the site contents were […]

  • #ScratchEdMeetupsIE – ScratchEd Meetups coming to Ireland

    One (and a half!) of the most enjoyable and memorable hours at the Scratch conference earlier this summer in MIT was the workshop to showcase ScratchEd Meetup. Attendees were not leactured about ScratchEd Meetup; we were welcomed by Karen Brennan, Alexa Kutler and the team, and launched straight into a typical event scenario which prompted […]

  • nano nano – global sharing in the MIT Media Lab Cube at #tmScratchMIT

    It was nano presentations all the way at the TeachMeet proposed by Drew Buddie for the 2018 Scratch conference at the Media Lab in MIT, Cambridge, USA. We got an end-of-the-day time slot, and a cool dark space (with super duper AV facilities) called The Cube. As we’d all had a long long day attending, […]

  • CTwins Ignite at #ScratchMIT2018

    The Friday late afternoon Ignite Session at the 2018 Scratch Conference at MIT was a happy, lively, and informative affair. The audience, which of course contains all the Ignite presenters as well as curious others, was receptive and responsive. Lisa, our curator of this session, had the perfect light-but-ruthless (think USA version of Irish Mammy […]