Goodbye and thank you #TimRylands

Today is the day to officially say goodbye and thank you to Tim Rylands RIP. Family and friends are together in the UK this evening to do this together. Those of us at TeachMeetClare in Ennis, Ireland will wave across the sea to you…

Tim was, in turn, the man with the gorgeous voice using a walking stick that was also a flute; the man teaching from the back the tractor on the beach in Mayo; the man playing the grand piano in the foyer of a hotel teaching us a song he’d written; the revered keynote speaker with the memorable and mesmerising touch; the one who gave us LO! & Behold – the only way sharing of learning outcomes that make sense to me; the most hypnotic teacher I ever got to sit and watch – the one who eternally saw the classroom and the learning through the eyes of the student; hero and role model to most folk who saw him in action, hero of heroes; a generous friend of the CESI community in Ireland.

It was a joy to spend time together with Tim Ryalnds and Sarah Neild, and it is a gift to have treasured memories of adventures shared at LOBs in Mayo, BETT TeachEats in London, and CESIcon weekends in Galway and in Dublin.

Sending sympathy beyond words to you, the amazing and beloved Sarah.

Goodbye and thank you, Tim. Ní bheidh do leithéid ann arís.

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