Month: November 2017

  • The Quiet Unconference that is CongRegation #cong17

    The Quiet Unconference that is CongRegation CongRegation is the unconference whose entry is via a blog post. This year the theme was innovation. It is the calmest conference in the world. Attendees meet in small groups around the village of Cong, each joining with a different group in four ‘huddles’; coffee and lunch breaks are […]

  • It’s a micro wha’? Come to #MegadojoIE in Maynooth and meet the Micro:bit !

    It’s a micro wha’? Come to #MegadojoIE in Maynooth and meet the Micro:bit ! We at Coderdojo Ireland HQ were beyond thrilled when Lorraine Underwood said she’d be home to Ireland for Megadojo weekend, and could run us two workshops with BBC Micro:bit and a fun twinkly lights seasonal theme. Lorraine is a teacher in […]

  • Megadojo on the double, Dec 2nd

    Eugene McDonough of Codedojo Ireland had a brainwave a few years ago – why not get 1024 kids coding together, and call it Megadojo?┬áSo he did, and it has become an annual event in Limerick Institute of Technology. Never one to stop and rest, Eugene’s new brainwave is to have Coderdojo Ireland host TWO instances […]

  • Up with this sort of thing, Ted. #tmClare

    I was humming Ralph McTell’s lovely emigrant’s lament last Friday evening while diving to TeachMeet Clare. “It’s a long long way from Clare to Here“. To my surprise, it wasn’t as long as I expected; the new M18 runway motorway shortened the journey from Cavan to Ennis considerably – many thanks to those who constructed […]

  • Goodbye and thank you #TimRylands

    Today is the day to officially say goodbye and thank you to Tim Rylands RIP. Family and friends are together in the UK this evening to do this together. Those of us at TeachMeetClare in Ennis, Ireland will wave across the sea to you… Tim was, in turn, the man with the gorgeous voice using […]