Month: October 2017

  • So very very Tim…

    News of @TimRylands leaving us arrived yesterday at the same time as delivery of @brian_bilston book of poems. Opened it later in the evening, and had to smile. The title poem seemed so very very Tim…    

  • More Samhain, less Hallowe’en – up with this sort of thing!

    More Samhain than Hallowe’en these days in Cavan. [possible alternative title – a tale of two Dohertys]. Samhain is the Irish for Halloween. It is a very old and scary festival. Turnips carved into voodoo shrunken head shapes, ducking for apples, doing stuff to scare the bejeezes out of the neighbours. Anything to take the […]

  • Nice work, Ireland.

    Nice work, Ireland. I was very happy to send out this message at the weekend (the third weekend of the week that was really two weeks). Over the five years since Julie Cullen lead us into Code Week EU as our first ambassador, volunteers have organised over 1200 events for citizens in Ireland. Teachers, mentors, […]

  • Logo(s), LEDs, leaders, and locks.

    Logo(s), LEDs, leaders, and locks. Had to do some serious dictionary checking for the first two there. I think I’m in the clear. CESI, Code Week EU, and TeachMeet have all combined to make the last three weeks a bit of a whirlwind of adventures. (But in a good way, as it involved meeting and […]