Discussing new Leaving Certificate Computer Science curriculum at #wcce17

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As part of the 2017 World Conference on Computers in Education, ICS hosted a session during which John Hegarty presented an overview of the Computer Science (CS) curriculum currently proposed by the NCCA for study at Leaving Certificate in Ireland from Sept. 2018.

John is the CESI representative on the curriculum development group, and as such he represents the views of those teachers already highly interested in, and to various degrees experienced in, CS in all levels of Irish classrooms – most of whom are part of the CESI tribe. His measured outline of the current curriculum content and assessment plans was s clear as is possible at such an early stage; CESI picked the right one to represent us!

The audience included folk with a wide variety of perspectives, and everyone there was keenly interested in John’s presentation. The question and answer session was lively, with conversations continuing out to the hallway and the courtyard for quite a while after the allotted time elapsed.

The draft document can be viewed at the NCCA website:

Interested parties may add their opinions to an NCCA online survey questionnaire here:

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