💙 #TeachMeet ? Last call to add your story to the TeachMeet 10 birthday book.

I really enjoyed a chinwag with Ian Stuart and Ewan McIntosh of Notosh last weekend at BETT. They reported that the book to celebrate ten years of TeachMeet approaching final stages of editing and sorting. The guillotine for submissions from the TeachMeet community is set to fall on February 14.
So if you love TeachMeet, have a story to tell, or simply want to support a special children’s education charity, get thee to the link at bitly.com/teachmeet10 and this is what you meet:

“How has TeachMeet changed your teaching or learning? What is the one memorable talk or conversation you had? What is the most profound change you’ve seen in your classroom? Tell us here, and be part of the TeachMeet 10th Birthday book! The book will be given away on a Creative Commons licence, with donations to a children’s charity encouraged. We want to help more teachers than ever benefit from the TeachMeet community.”


The form doesn’t take long to complete. The by-line  on the TeachMeet wiki is teachers sharing ideas with teachers, so don’t miss your chance to join teachers sharing TeachMeet with teachers.

G’wan, g’wan, g’wan!

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