Day: September 23, 2016

  • #MathsMeetIE off the mark…

    The idea of a TeachMeet*/MakerMeet just for Maths teachers was a hot topic of conversation at last April in Thurles – there was so much fun had trying out the Fold and Cut Theorem (inspired by the Katie Steckles YouTube version) at the #ictedu Maker Meet that it was bound to happen. And so now, […]

  • Unlocking the learning as #BreakoutEDU comes to Ireland

    A chance tweet from Joe Dale in the UK (thanks Joe!) alerted us to the fact that Nebraska teacher, Dr Lynne Herr, proponent of the increasingly popular BreakoutEDU activity, was visiting Ireland at the end of the summer. Lynne ¬†was offering to give up a day of her vacation along our Wild Atlantic Way to […]