#cooptech – mirror on the morning

Cooperative Learning principles – using tech – can both happen together?

(Disclaimer of protest – this is an assignment set by evil teachers Adam and Derrick! In my world its almost bedtime. the other posts will be at https://padlet.com/aroubitchek/CoopTechSummer2016 )

We had a morning of trial and error trying out various apps – inc. Quizlet, Edpuzzle, Prezi and Peardeck. Each member of the group tried something from their curriculum. I chose Peardeck because I’d never heard of it. Basically, teacher builds a lesson with pre-formed stops for student interaction. The same prepared set looks different on teachers and student screens. https://www.peardeck.com/ (free and premium versions – free is fine).

Liked a lot – Students answers can be viewed, changed and saved. Student log on is very easy (but must be thru a Gmail account). A lot of group interaction can by built in. Liked less – not as intuitive to use as other new apps I’ve met recently; however, the positive affordances I’ve seen so far make me want to do some more with this. I was able to drop a prepared set of slides into it and make them into a far more dynamic resource. Gabrielle use it to gather reactions to a short movie clip.

I loved Joaq’s use of Quizlet, in a class for EFL, to get students constructing their sentences properly. Quizlet randomy sorted us into teams – loved that. I found I new very little about Superhero actors at the start, but much more at the end. This has terrific potential for embedding positive interdependence and social skills.


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