Month: June 2016

  • #cp2016 @coolestprojects rocks the RDS!

    The RDS was full of kids showing the coding projects last Saturday. It was terrific to see them explain their work – warts and all – proudly to adults. Early in the day I had a sword fight with Tiernan from Cloghans Hill NS, – except my sword was a stick of broccoli connected to […]

  • 06/06. Tweet B. #bnighrogain

      06/06. Tweet B. #bnighrogain Bianca loved Twitter. She used it with her students, friends, teaching colleagues, in social campaigning among her own and the wider tribe. Bianca truly was the banlaoch that Mary Loftus named her, whose battle calls for diversity, inclusion and equality were very often made on Twitter. TheĀ @bnighrogain timeline (evolved from […]