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Make stuff, break stuff, learn stuff.

That’s what our host Hassan Dabbagh said in his welcome to the 2016 #MakerMeet at #ictedu on April 22nd. And so that is what we did.

We made glowie critters with LEDs and 3v batteries, old corks, and most of the contents of a Mr Price store!

We made more monster crayon drawings, inspired by Mary Jo Bell and student Emily’s description of her monster.

We made one-cut shapes, led by Pam O’Brien –  inspired by Katie Steckles online

We made Ojos de Dios using wooden skewers and wool.

We made foam rockets and flew them across the auditorium. (We almost beheaded one conference Keynote, which would have been most unfortunate. Luckily the rocket was diverted in time.)

We made a lot of noise and a lot of mess.

We made new friends. We made each other laugh.

We made very little use of the chairs in the room, but plenty use of the tables and floors.

We made Vines and AudioBooms of our adventures.

We made plans for more break/make/learn activities together.

We made a welcoming party of critters attendees to Saturday’s #ictedu conference.

We made a Chirpstory of the #makermeet twitter timeline – well worth a look.

We made short work of the gorgeous food back in the Anner Hotel afterwards.


…and very belated thanks to those who made the recent Froebel Teachmeet in Maynooth such a celebration of teaching and learning. It was the Head of the Froebel Dept, Prof Marie McLoughlin who reminded us that April 21st was Friedrich Froebel’s birthday.
(I suspect that Herr Froebel’d have approved greatly of the playful elements that pervade a TeachMeet; would he have called it kindergarten CDP?)

This was the second outing of #tmFroebel, organised and hosted by the Dissolving Boundaries elective students at the behest of Head of Education, Seamie O’Neill. And it the first without Bianca Ní Ghrógáin RIP, who’d hosted such a memorable evening last year. This made is tough going on her colleagues and friends in the Freobel and CESI worlds, but guess what – between the lot of us, it turned out to be a pretty ‘biancafied’ adventure.

(The whole story can be follow as it unfolds on the #tmFroebel Twitter Timeline.)

From the opening session – the monster crayon challenge pictured above (but you really did have to be there) led by Mary Jo Bell, to the final video presented by second level student Karl Reddy which moved the attendees standing ovation – it was non-stop action and reaction. The weird mix of an odd 100 trainee teachers, teachers of teachers, retired teachers, researching teachers, and even a few ‘real’ teachers (boom boom!) makes for a lot of valuable cross pollination.

(To our three guests from Kolkata – Chaitah, Madhhumita and Dalia – please note we can do decorum when we have to, but we love the odd evening of total anarchy.)

GRMA to all who stepped up, rowed in, joined in, and made the evening. You know who you are – but in case of doubt…let the credits roll…

tmFoebel speakers

Tech Support – John Hegarty & Rob Quinn
Tweeters corner – Susan Nic Réamoinn & Sarah Jayne Carey
Admin – Rebecca Boyle & Vera Timmins
Student organisers – Daniel Brady, Donnacha Crosbie, Killian Dunne, Niall Kelly, Pauline Lucey, Siobhan McCloskey, Catherine McGee, Kerri McGuirk, Patrick Mount, Sean Naughton, Jen Quinn, Valerie Smith.




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