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Bianca Ní Ghrógáin. RIP. 06/06/15.

Cavan Institute proved to be a great venue for the first Teachmeet to be held in Cavan. All details of presenters, sponsors, pictures are now stored online at

The generosity of volunteer Teachmeet presenters showed itself again – we had a lovely variety of classroom stories, useful resources, action and fun. Some of the classroom stories were straight from the arena, some were reflected (oh pardon my poor physics, but you know what I mean!) in the lens of research – both are equally appreciated by the listener. This makes for very strong learning, the linchpin of the Teachmeet wheel.

We had our raffle, AND ‘Bingo’, with some very covetable prizes from Cogs the Brain Store, Eason Cavan, and Athlone Education Centre, We had generous sponsorship from Microsoft, Cavan County Council, Cavan Monaghan ETB. We had terrific goodwill and support from CESI. Without all this, Teachmeets don’t happen, so thank you everybody from the team – me, Cara, Catherine, Breeda and Tony.

One added extra to this Teachmeet was the fun photobooth – what a great idea – nothing like a little mayhem to warm the atmosphere!

TeachmeetFun bluebotsmiriam-mags




I think Ciara Brennan’s tweet from the breakout Soap Box session sums up the evening, and any Teachmeet occasion, so well:

And the rest is well shown in the timeline of Tweeter-in-Chief @caramcdermott:

So, Cavan is hereby handing over to next batch of Teachmeets – Kilkenny, Cork and Donegal….

Take a look at @magsamond’s Tweet:

When Leigh Graves Wolf prompted us all to post for Ada Day, this moment came to mind for me. (Took me ages to find the pic, which makes me a day late in some times zones.)
Bianca, Susan, Amy, Pam and Caitlin doing the 20 sheet tower challenge at Maker Meet in Thurles last April.
Me behind the camera smiling at them.
As happy a moment in my life as I can recall.
A Teachmeet among Teachmeets.
A night to remember with no regrets, and only the best of feelings.
Happy Ada Day everyone.

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