Day: September 6, 2015

  • Scratch 2015 3/3 – Apr├ęs Conference

    [youtube] (This is post 3 of 3) The Shylight permanent installation in the Rijksmuseum was one of the highlights of the trip to Amsterdam to me. It was like a metaphor for everything the Scratch and Maker education espouses – the joy of creativity. And on the subject of the Rijksmuseum, it was jammed […]

  • Scratch Amsterdam 2015 2/3 – Conference and UnConference

    (This is post 2 of 3) Stretching this second Europe-based Scratch conference over 5 venues was a great a way to ensure we saw a lot of Amsterdam while we were there. From the opening throwback address by LOGO co-architect Cynthia Solomon on Wednesday evening, right thru ’til Saturday afternoon, we had Keynotes, Ignites, Workshops […]