Go Ahead, Maker My Day

Long overdue post – Big congratulations and thanks to all involved in organising Dublin Maker on July 25th, part of the Festival of Curiosity. I was alerted to it by Laser Laura (@choiceirregular), and went with daughter and 8yo granddaughter. We had a ball, as did every other family attending on the lawn of Trinity College. We met lots of folk we knew, and lots of new folk. My colleagues from the Institute of Physics, aka the Physics Buskers, were wowing the youngsters with very hands-on interactive physics (Nice work Paul, David, Rory, Michelle and Michael). Dublin Maker is definitely a family date for next year already. Thanks Laura!

IMG_20150725_124835~2 IMG_20150725_132620~2 IMG_20150725_135748~2 IMG_20150725_131112~2 IMG_20150725_131347 IMG_20150725_125437

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