Daily Archives: January 29, 2015

I am delighted that the annual Teachmeet on the eve of #cesicon is being hosted by Ciara Brennan and Kathleen Byrne of @Teachmeet_East, #tmeast.

Kathleen and Ciara have had three packed-house TMs in the East to date, and as I type this post Kathleen is preparing for the first ever Principalmeet at the #IPPN2015 conference – a great leap into the future!

If you are a TM junkie already, sign up quickly, you know how fast the tickets go. If you are a “wonderer” – well, wonder no more, wander to Eventbrite and sign up to join the CESI tribe for an evening of sharing and caring about Tech in Ed. Stress on the Ed bit.

See you there…


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