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At Friday night’s CESImeet in the Clayton Hotel, Damien Quinn of @seomraranga fame introduced us to Edcanvas, so I decided to try it out to collate the various presentations and links that were shared during the meeting. Here goes…

Mmmm…well it is a bit lopsided on this page, but it does work. Weird lookin at a YouTube video within a Canvas within a blog post, bit like a hall of mirrors.

Question 1 – I wonder how gracefully it will transfer when I pluck up the courage to migrate this whole vehicle to WP before April 30th (Boo Posterous!)

Question to self and to Edcanvas – I wonder will this version update as I update the canvas, which is still a work in progress? Will have to wait and see. Have to say, so far it is quick and clean to use and I love it.
My challenge for CESImeet participants tonight in Galway is to complete
a #cesi40 Tarsia Triangle. Each team gets 16 small triangles, on which clues and
answers have been printed. Joining the clues to the correct answer results in one
big triangle jigsaw being formed. Finished product is then posted to Twitter at
the #cesimeet stream. First one I see here at home is declared the winner!

(If my punky VOKI avatar seems reluctant to appear in the space above use the link to give her a nudge!)

Tarsia is a free download from Hermitech Laboratories, and one of the most
powerful learning tools I use. Eternal thanks to Mary Lee and the Biology Support
Service CPD session where I was introduced to it.

The teacher inputs a series of clues and answers, and the software generates the
jigsaw (or dominoes) for students to complete using their collective knowledge,
creativity or a healthy blend of both. It is a great example of WORM technology
(you will not regret the initial time spent with scissors, labels and envelopes),
and one of the best analog-digital mash ups I know of for the classroom. And
Math teachers rejoice – input can be in equation or symbol form also.
Solving the Tarsia puzzles in teams can promote Cooperative Learning,
assessment for learning, inclusion and differentiation in an engaging and fun
way. It is a great lesson starter, ender or midway energizer. I love it!
(Downside – I can’t find a Mac version).


postscript March2014
Two pictures to update – thanks to Hellie Bullock for the CESI Flickr picture of Cara, Mary and Catherine tackling the Tarsia mentioned above, and thanks to my fabulous 5th yrs for becoming so immersed in their heart puzzle they didn’t notice me and my camera.
Screenshot 2014-03-06 at 17.31.36

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